By chuckatomx | October 28, 2014

unnamed Toronto, ON October 28, 2014 – Fundica, Canada's most successful traditional funding identification and connection platform, and OMX, a secure online marketplace connecting businesses, organizations, academia and government in the international defence, aerospace and security industries, have announced a partnership to launch the first funding identification tool designed specifically for the aerospace-defence industry.

This Funding Identification Tool (FIT) is entirely free of charge for users and will be available on both Fundica’s and OMX's website.

The object is to help Canadian and foreign aerospace and defence companies quickly and easily identify, apply for and benefit from attractive funding opportunities that exist across Canada.

The tool provides access to 97% of all applicable public and private sector funding opportunities – including: tax credits, grants, loans and equity. Intelligent filtering tools make it easy to sort and organize search results in response to individual user needs. The system is kept up-to-date by an automated web-bot, a dedicated research team, and directly by funders.

The free tool can be accessed through www.fundica.com/aero or used within a third party site as a standalone widget by accessing http://www.fundica.com/widget/.

Canadian government agencies at all levels – federal, provincial and municipal have created world-leading funding programs in order to stimulate domestic industries and attract foreign investment,” said Mike Lee, President, Fundica.

However, identifying, tracking and fully leveraging these programs along with the private sector aerospace and defence investors can be a daunting task for managers. By partnering with OMX, we have been able to merge our expertise in funding with their knowledge of the aerospace-defence sector. The result is a powerful tool – entirely free of charge – that offers considerable value to any Canadian or foreign company active in this sector. We are proud of this announcement and we look forward to a long and promising partnership with OMX,” he added.

OMX’s President, Nicole Verkindt, highlighted the benefits of the new FIT for the industry: “We are excited to be part of this new and innovative tool that will assist Canadian companies and foreign investors to leverage the benefits of government funding through a cross-jurisdictional, smart platform.”

Partnering with Fundica will allow us to bring OMX’s expertise in collecting and analyzing data in the aerospace-defence industry as we assist our clients to meet their business goals. The Funding Identification Tool will certainly make a difference for companies in the industry, particularly SMEs actively seeking to grow their businesses into high tech and international supply chains – maximizing the leverage and ultimately the economic benefits to Canada in the long-term. And that's what we are all about at OMX,” said Verkindt.


About Fundica:

Fundica, Canada's most successful traditional funding identification and connection platform, matches entrepreneurs, private investors, public funders and advisors. Through unique crowdsourcing/crawler technology, Fundica provides an up-to-date, comprehensive and intuitive platform.

Additionally, Fundica manages the Funding Roadshow, an annual cross-Canada event. Over the last two years, the Fundica team has been recognized by the Intuit (Financial Literacy Startup Finalist), Bronfman Foundation (Top 25 Emerging Entrepreneurs), CFO Canada (Entrepreneur of the Year), and Startup Canada (National Ecosystem Effect Runner-up). For more information, visit www.fundica.com.

About OMX:

OMX is the central platform that connects aerospace-defence companies, academia and government users. The secure software manages documentation/compliance/reporting and tracks the economic benefits to Canada through data analytics and interactive mapping. The OMX platform includes prime contractors, suppliers, technology partners, service providers, academia, and government users providing access to tens of thousands of companies by region, size, local content, certifications and capability, with effective software tools to manage supplier and customer communications collaboratively across an organization.

The platform is web based, which ensures that companies stay on top of their supply chain and sales management while on the road or working in different environments internally. The platform generates real-time analytics and reporting to ensure companies are ahead of their offset obligations as a result of winning government contracts. For more information, visit www.theomx.com.

For more information, please contact Lana Tayara from Fundica at ltayara@fundica.com and Diego Ortiz from OMX at diego@theomx.com.

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