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Hayley Clift

Hayley Clift
Hayley is a Senior Account Executive at OMX. She ensures that sellers and SMEs receive the right opportunities, connect with the right buyers, and win new business.
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By Hayley Clift | April 3, 2018


OMX has partnered with the world's fourth largest shipbuilder to offer more than 70 exclusive requests for information (RFIs)!

Access the world's most powerful procurement network
and connect with Vard today


Want more information? Check out the blog post and webinar below or reach out directly to an account manager.

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ITBs explained: Investment Framework, R&D Dollars, Donors/Recipients

By Hayley Clift | March 15, 2018


Defence offsets exist around the world and vary from country to country. They are meant to bring and maintain industrial growth within a local economy through leveraging defence procurements. CFN Consultants and OMX give you a crash course in Canada's offset programs: IRBs and ITBs.

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how to, for sellers

By Hayley Clift | June 8, 2016


Recipients of offset (IRB/ITB in Canada) transactions are frequently asked to sign formal Certifications confirming that your local content, or in Canada, Canadian Content Value (CCV) is true and accurate. To be clear, by signing this certification (which you most likely will have to to sell to large Government contractors), the liability is put onto you, the supplier, to ensure your CCV calculation is correct.

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