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Katherine Jacome

Katherine Jacome
Katherine is a Project Manager at OMX. She works with some of the best and biggest primes and buyers in the world to build supply chains, win project bids, and ensure maximum credit for economic impact.
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Strategic Sourcing

By Katherine Jacome | December 14, 2016


Strategic sourcing is a collaborative and holistic approach to supply chain management that uses fact-based analysis to acquire the organization’s current and future needs at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and risk.

This concept causes the purchaser to focus on the needs of the entire organization, rather than just the current needs of one area. For instance, focusing on fully understanding your own value proposition as well as the end customer’s needs and procurement processes, market conditions, and supplier capabilities to achieve the company’s overall, broader goals.

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What's new at OMX

By Katherine Jacome | October 24, 2016


At OMX, we value our responsibility to keep on top of industry trends. Keeping this in mind, here's what's been happening lately at OMX.

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for sellers, guides

By Katherine Jacome | October 13, 2016


When talking to OMX users, we found that suppliers are often confused about market segments and how they work in procurement programs.

Specifically, small companies that aren't familiar with defense, aerospace or shipbuilding, don't know how to leverage market segments to win business from large companies with offset obligations. So here's how to do that.


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