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Nicole Verkindt

Nicole Verkindt
Nicole is the founder and CEO of OMX, a Dragon on CBC's Next Gen Den, and a thought leader in the procurement industry.

Nicole is a political appointee to the Board of the Canadian Crown Corporation, a board member of the Peter Munk School of Global Affairs, and the official technology columnist for Vanguard magazine with a readership of over one million. In 2017, Nicole was named StartUp Canada's "Woman Entrepreneur of the Year."
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Features, canada, innovation, technology, cybersecurity

By Nicole Verkindt | January 15, 2019


“Cyberspace has consequently become a domain of potential conflict just as real as land, sea, air and space.” – Canada First report, 2013

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Supply chain lessons from the military: what air freight could learn from the $2 trillion defence sector

By Nicole Verkindt | June 27, 2018


Nicole Verkindt, founder of OMX and host on Canada’s Dragon’s Den, is taking part in a panel exploring digital transformation in the supply chain at TIACA’s 2018 Air Cargo Forum in Toronto, Canada, which takes from 16-18 October. Speaking exclusively with TIACA, Nicole shares her views on what lessons airfreight can learn from the military.

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Features, defence

By Nicole Verkindt | May 24, 2018


The fact of the matter is, when it comes to Disaster Relief technology, the defence industry is really well positioned to deliver on those needs. Most basic military products, especially those having to do with the logistics of deploying abroad, are great technologies that can be deployed quickly and effectively into operation with disaster strikes. Most defence technologies, are in fact dual use.

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feature article

By Nicole Verkindt | March 26, 2018


Today, the need for surveillance as well as the interpretation and security of the data collected has never been higher. We have a huge country to survey including the mass Arctic and strategic security commitments to abide by.

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media, business

OMX CEO Nicole Verkindt interviewed on E2: “You Don’t Need the Fancy MBA to be an Entrepreneur"

By Nicole Verkindt | February 12, 2018


E2, hosted by Canadian entrepreneur Adam Levinter, is a new business/interview style podcast, showcasing some of the most influential people in the world of entrepreneurship. Each episode, Adam shares in deep conversation extracting some amazing, unabridged storytelling from each guest. While rooted in business, many of the conversations take a personal turn making each interview that much more meaningful. If you subscribe to podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show, Bulletproof Radio, How I Built This, and The James Altucher Show, you're likely to enjoy E2.

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