By Godfrey Nthunzi | September 11, 2019


Check out our latest product updates aimed at making your supply chain management Effective & Efficient. 

  1. OMX is your new supplier portal- Supplier Questionnaire is live
    You can leverage OMX's supplier portal features to manage your supply chain all in one place. Within the platform, you can set up custom questionnaires to qualify potential suppliers directly from your company profile.
  2. Improved Communication & Control -Messaging 2.0 is live
    OMX messaging tool is now upgraded and better suited to your procurement needs.Below are some highlights:
    • More Recipients: While previously you could only message organization-to-organization, you can now message individual-to-individual. Also, if you're on a plan that allows for the creation of programs, you can send a message to all recipients of a given program or all recipients on projects that have a certain status.
    • Attachments: Attach, Receive & Save files while sending messages.
    • Privacy Toggle: Individual-to-individual messages can be toggled to organization-to-organization for sharing with other users within the same company. Sent messages can be toggled to private.
    • Spam Control : No more, unwanted messages. You can now mark unsolicited/unwanted messages as spam to direct them to the spam folder. You can also later mark them as not spam and all the messages from the sender will return to the inbox.
    • Tags, Programs & Projects: All messages now can be tagged using the same tags as the tags used in the marketplace or with a program or project that is currently within your Projects & Programs

Live webinar- Helping you understand better! Thursday, 19  September 2019 2pm EST

We are are conducting a live webinar to help our valued clients understand and educate on the new updated features.This webinar will aim at:

  • Educating you on the new features - Live Demo
  • Sharing Tips & Tricks to utilize them 
  • Open Q&A session to discuss any questions related to the OMX


Register & Learn more about the webinar


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