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By Nicole Verkindt | January 15, 2019

“Cyberspace has consequently become a domain of potential conflict just as real as land, sea, air and space.” – Canada First report, 2013

As an online company that manages buyers and sellers in global, complex supply chains, OMX has made cybersecurity a top priority since the very beginning. After all, we deal with confidential information from private companies and classified information from the government on a daily basis.

These last couple of years have seen the rise of cybersecurity from all angles–criminals have become smarter and more daring when it comes to cyberattacks on both individuals and corporations, as has cyberactivity from state-sponsored actors and state agencies. In addition, all of the great technologies that we celebrate, such as Artificial Intelligence, will be leveraged and used to scale in cyber-attacks.

It’s clear that the cyber space isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon, so here are some of the most pressing themes that Canada will be facing in the not-so-distant future–and how Canada’s innovation community is looking to tackle these challenges.

Cyber resilience

Cyber security was first identified as a key field for Canadian defense investment and innovation in the 2013 Canada First report. Since then, it has been formally prioritized in Canada’s offset policy under one of five Emergent Technologies in the Key Industrial Capabilities:

“Cyber resilience spans every element of the domestic commercial, civil and national security sectors and addresses the vulnerabilities created by the expansion of information technology and the knowledge economy. Activities in this segment include design, integration and implementation of solutions that secure information and communications networks.”

Cyber resilience can be broken down into three categories: information security, IT security and operational technology (OT) security.

Information security: The practice of defending electronic and digital data and information from unauthorized access/intrusion, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction.

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Nicole Verkindt

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