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By Jon Elkin | September 27, 2018

The OMX API is live! You can now connect your OMX account and the OMX database to your own internal systems. Find out how this can benefit your organization with the most accurate and live data and information.

What does an API do?

An API ("application programming interface") allows different systems to communicate and interact with each other.

For example, you can think of the OMX database as one system and your company's internal supplier database as another system. OMX's API will allow these two systems to share data and work together.


What can I use OMX's API for?

Here are two of the most common use cases for the OMX API:

  • Creating an integrated and live data flow from a user's OMX account to their organization's internal system.
    eg. If a large buyer is using OMX to find and source new suppliers, they may want that supplier data to update automatically in their accounting system. The OMX API makes it easy to pull the relevant structured data on their suppliers from OMX into their accounting (or other) systems.
  • Creating an integrated and live data flow from opportunity data in OMX and an organization's internal system.
    e.g. If a marketplace partner wanted to pull OMX opportunities into their marketplace they could pull the opportunity data from OMX and re-post it in their own feed. It would re-direct any clicks then back into OMX.

The amount and level of detail of data that can be transferred through OMX's API depends on your plan. Please contact me directly or your account manager to understand exactly what is possible based on your plan and needs.

The OMX API is currently "read" only which means that you can only pull data out of the OMX and into your own system. "Write" functionality is coming in the future - which will allow you to send and edit data in your OMX account.


Getting started with OMX's API

If you are interested in leveraging OMX's API, please reach out to your account manager and/or me directly at:

Jon Elkin

Vice President of Client Service

(416) 780-9544 Ext. 109

We will work with you to setup the API based on your organization's needs and your current plan,


Jon Elkin

Jon graduated from Queen's University with a degree in Political Studies and then went on to earn his Master's Degree in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. He is an active member of the NATO Association of Canada, and outside of work enjoys skiing, running and mountain biking.

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