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By Hayley Clift | September 4, 2018

Last week, OMX Hayley visited the headquarters and shipyards of one of the world's largest shipbuilders - and returned with exclusive opportunities! Read on to discover how you can join a major marine supply chain.

Last week, I traveled to beautiful Alesund, Norway, to visit VARD, a Fincantieri company and the world's fourth largest shipbuilder.

With me was Geoff McAllister, Business and Contracts Manager at VARD, who some readers may recognize from our webinar earlier this year, "How to Win Global Shipbuilding Procurements."



From left to right, Hayley, Geoff, and Vard System Project Manager Frode Rønneberg
are all smiles at Vard's Alesund Shipyard


Meeting VARD's procurement team

After a long, twelve hour flight from Toronto, we finally landed and were greeted by VARD's Procurement Lead, Niki Rogers, who led us to VARD's main headquarters where I met the rest of VARD's Procurement team and the VARD Marine and VARD Electro divisions.

The main Alesund HQ was established in 1996 - but VARD has over 9,000 total employees and almost 20 locations around the world from a branch in Singapore to shipbuilding facilities in Romania, Brazil, and Vietnam.

I was also lucky enough to meet with VARD's Senior Vice President of Procurement Renato Garolla di Bard and we had an illuminating chat about VARD's future needs and direction - but more about that at the end of this blogpost.


VARD's amazing shipyard

While at VARD, I was also allowed access to the Alesund shipyard, where Vard was building their 10,000-tonne luxury arctic cruise ship.

It was fascinating to see the work-in-progress interior of a luxury cruise ship - especially its “Blue Eye” multi-sensorial underwater lounge, a major Vard innovation that will allow passengers to see the ocean floor directly through two portholes, listen to deepwater sounds through hydrophones, and feel the waves through body listening sofas.

I was also very interested to learn that the PONANT cruise ship was using ice navigation technology from Rutter - a Canadian-based technology company that is also on OMX.


vard sea trial


A few days after my trip, Geoff sent me an email with a picture of the PONANT cruise ship setting sail for its first sea trial - and I was very impressed to see how fast and efficiently VARD can move from the yard to the waters!


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Join one of the world's largest marine supply chains

VARD is currently seeking Canadian companies for future and current shipbuilding procurements that wish to expand their business on a global scale.

VARD is seeking short-term contracts and long-term partnerships in over 70 categories including:

  1. Aircondition Compressors Chillers
  2. Alarm & Monitoring / Integrated Automation and Power Management Solution
  3. Anti-Fouling & Cathodic Protection
  4. Anti-Fouling in Sea Water system
  5. Autopilot
  6. Ballast/Bilge Water Treatment System
  7. Battery Chargers for 24 V DC and UPS
  1. Circuit Breakers
  2. Electrical Cables
  3. Engine Room Pumps
  4. Fuel Oil / Lubricator Oil Purifier
  5. LAN / Local Area Network
  6. Lifeboats, Liferafts & Davits
  7. Lighting Systems
  8. Loading Computer
  9. Main and Emergency Switchboards
  10. Main Engine/ Generator Sets
  1. Main Propellers
  2. Marine Fire Alarm System
  3. Marine Pump Supplier
  4. Remote Control Valves (Actuators)
  5. Rudders
  6. Sewage Treatment Plant
  7. Ship Painting Services
  8. Steering Gear
  9. Video Surveilance (CCTV)
  10. Windlass & Mooring winches
  11. And more!

Don't miss your chance to join one of the world's largest marine supply chains!


View the RFI


Not a Canadian company? There are still opportunities for you - VARD and Fincantieri are also looking for suppliers from around the globe including but not limited to: Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, India, Italy, Morocco, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, UAE, and the United States.

If you're interested in this opportunity or have any further questions, please contact me directly:

(416) 780-9544 Ext. 115


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Hayley is a Senior Account Executive at OMX. She ensures that sellers and SMEs receive the right opportunities, connect with the right buyers, and win new business.

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