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OMX-Files: July 2018

By OMX | July 10, 2018

In our new monthly series, the OMX Files tells you what you need to know about defence and procurement in Canada and around the world - including federal budget and spending, Canadian strategy and trends, international relations, and in-depth features and analyses. 



July 11 - 12: Trump, NATO, and defense spending explained

The 28 member states of NATO will be meeting in Brussels on July 11 and 12.

The Trump administration has routinely criticized their NATO allies for underspending on military and defence. Is this a fair criticism? And what are NATO defence spending, initiatives, and strategic trends like for the future?


July 5: 2018 State of Canada's Aerospace Industry Report

Canadian aerospace is a $25 billion a year industry, contributes almost 190,000 jobs, and is one of the biggest drivers of R&D and manufacturing.

How has the industry evolved in the last ten years? How is it going to change in the future? And how does this translate into business and procurement opportunities for you?


June 29: Buyer-Supplier Portals in Extractive: Enhancing Local Procurement (WEBINAR)

Whilst buyer-supplier portals have been around for decades, there is a current trend of stakeholders setting up new portals in around the extractive industries in particular. They are seen as key tools to drive local procurement and improve supplier competitiveness in the countries that host mining and oil and gas production. Some portals are extractives specific, but others are multi-sectoral where extractive industry companies are just a small proportion of many buyers. They provide a range of functions, from RFQs, to centralized supplier databases, as well as access to feedback and support.


June 27: Supply chain lessons from the military: what air freight could learn from the $2 trillion defence sector

Nicole Verkindt, founder of OMX and host on Canada’s Dragon’s Den, is taking part in a panel exploring digital transformation in the supply chain at TIACA’s 2018 Air Cargo Forum in Toronto, Canada, which takes from 16-18 October. Speaking exclusively with TIACA, Nicole shares her views on what lessons airfreight can learn from the military.


June 25: $33 billion in new Canadian infrastructure projects now require social, economic, and diversity impacts

Last week, the Government of Canada announced that new major infrastructure projects must consider social and economic impacts and encourage inclusive participation under the "Community Employment Benefits" requirement.


June 13: Bidding and Winning Canadian Defense Procurements: What You Need to Know About the Value Proposition Changes

The Value Proposition - one of the most important criteria that prime contractors, buyers, and sellers are judged against for federal procurement contracts - is changing. Here's what's new and how it could benefit your organization.


June 5: Canada's Defence Investment Plan: Understanding $108 billion in defence spending over the next 20 years

Canada's new Defence Investment Plan and Defence Capabilities Blueprint reveals unseen levels of detail surrounding defence spending and specific projects for the next twenty years - including funding ranges, project timelines, investment areas, and sponsors. Here's how you can access that data.


May 31: What you need to know about the White House metal tariffs on Canada, Europe, and Mexico

The U.S. will impose a 25 percent tariff on steel and a 10 percent tariff on aluminium from Canada, Europe, and Mexico. Who are the winners and losers? And what's going to happen next?


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