By Megha Khirwal | July 31, 2018

Over 160,000 buyers and sellers are on OMX. Here's how to leverage the world's most powerful procurement network to find companies, make connections, and close deals.

Welcome to the third of three parts in OMX Onboarding. The OMX onboarding process was designed to be as simple and as painless as possible.

Part 1: Your OMX profile

Part 2: Setting up notifications

Part 3: Connecting to other companies

Companies that finish onboarding receive three times as many relevant opportunities and up to five times as many connections.

It takes less than half an hour to onboard completely - and the benefits are permanent.


Connecting to other companies

OMX is a great tool to find and connect to relevant buyers and sellers. You can message, bookmark, and ask to join the network of other companies on OMX.

This allows you to connect directly with the decision-makers.

Taking five minutes to connect with another organization can be the first step in a long and fruitful partnership.

For our onboarding, I will be using the fictional "International Systems" company to connect with the fictional "Reliable Aerospace Components, Inc."


A note about URLs 

Each organization in OMX receives its own unique subdomain.

In our onboarding training below, I will be providing generic URLs to various pages and steps. You will need to replace the subdomain of the URLs to your organization's subdomain.

You can find your subdomain by logging into your OMX account and looking at the first half of the URL before ".theomx.com." 

For example, for the fictional "International Systems" company, the URL is "https://intldef.theomx.com" so the subdomain is therefore "intldef." 




So if the generic Marketplace URL is


Then the Marketplace URL for International Systems would be



Need more help?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more assistance. You can also RSVP to our weekly training webinars, book one-on-one training, or reach your Account Manager directly through this link.


Connecting to Other Companies Onboarding

Follow these 5 simple steps to connect to to other companies and finish the first part of your OMX onboarding.


1. Login to OMX

To fill out your profile, login to your OMX account and organization through https://theomx.com/login


2. Navigate to the search page

Once you are on your dashboard, you can begin to search for companies that match your needs.

There are two ways to search. First, you can search directly by an organization's name or keywords through the search bar on the top of every window. (Highlighted in the red box below.)



Alternatively, you can move your cursor to hover over the menu on the left-hand size and click "Marketplace." (Highlighted in the red box below.)


This will take you to the "Marketplace" page where you can search companies in OMX by their name, keywords, and various capabilities.


You can also access the "Marketplace" page directly after logging in by going to


(Remember to replace "your-company" with your company's subdomain!)


3. Search for a company

I know I am looking for a company called "Reliable Aerospace Components, Inc," so I can search directly for that company.

However, I can also search by keywords and capabilities if I do not have a specific company in mind. At the top left of the Marketplace page, you will see there are various search and filtering options. (Highlighted in the red box below.)


You can also view the search results as different types of data such as a list, map, or visualization. Finally, you can also export your search results by clicking the "Download" button. 


4. Select a company you want to connect to

Once you have search for a name, keyword, and/or capability, OMX will provide you with a list of companies that match your search criteria.

You can then click on that search result and you will see the company's profile. You can go through the company's Profile, Products & Services, and Contacts on this page to learn more about the company. (Remember filling out this information for your organization in the first onboarding tutorial? Well, this is where other companies will read it.)

You can also look at the final tab on the company's profile page, "Tags and Notes." (Highlighted in the red box below.) Here, you can add internal notes and tags about different companies. These notes will only be accessible to members of your organization.



5. Connect to the company of your choice

There are two primary ways to connect to the company of your choice.

You can either send them a message or ask to join their supplier list. (Buttons highlighted in the red box below.)



Send a message

When you click "Send a message," you will be taken to the "New Message" composition page. Why not introduce yourself and your company to relevant buyers and sellers and invite them to take a look at your OMX profile?

Join Supplier List

When you click "Join Supplier List," the organization you are looking at will be notified of your interest. This makes it much easier for buyers and sellers to see relevant partners when they are considering their supply chains.

Megha Khirwal

Megha brings 7 years of experience in Sales and Business Operations. She has contributed towards client enrichment and revenue for many start ups and was last associated with SAP Ariba as Sales and Operations Manager.

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