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OMX partners with Women's Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) to support women-owned business procurement opportunities

By OMX | October 20, 2017

Toronto, ON - 20 October 2017 – Canadian technology business, OMX (Offset Market Exchange Inc.) is proud to announce today it has partnered with WBE Canada to drive procurement opportunities, which match them up to organizations who match. The partnership will allow OMX to push procurement opportunities to WBE Canada to encourage increased participation of women-owned businesses in various procurements and provide substantial opportunities for these companies. Furthermore, OMX helps organizations manage, track, analyze and report on real-time social and economic impact data from its supply chain.

WBE Canada certifies majority-owned, managed, and controlled women's businesses and facilitates opportunities for them to meet buyers and get access to bids for corporate contracts as part of supplier diversity programs.

OMX Founder and CEO, Nicole Verkindt, whom, it was also announced last night as the winner of StartUp Canada's National Woman Entrepreneur of the year award remarked: "This is a really exciting time for entrepreneurs, in particular certified women-owned businesses. OMX can very easily provide procurement opportunities for small businesses, local and diverse businesses to make a positive impact on the communities by which they operate in through their procurements."

Mary Anderson, President of WBE Canada stated: "WBE Canada is proud to partner with OMX an innovative technology company that drives new ways to enable procurement opportunities opening doors to enhancing positive economic impact for traditionally under-represented suppliers".

OMX is a leading supply chain, data analytics and project management technology platform which connects buyers and sellers in various industries such as mining, energy, aerospace and infrastructure. The technology also manages and tracks national economic impacts of major projects.

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