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By OMX | November 8, 2018

TORONTO, November 8, 2018 -  Technicut Tool, a portfolio company of White Wolf Capital LLC and a leading manufacturer of precision machined components, has just announced a long-term agreement with a major Canadian manufacturer. The deal is worth in excess of CA$9 million dollars over five years.

Procurement software company OMX was instrumental in introducing Technicut Tool to the private buyer. The OMX platform connects buyers and sellers in major industries, helps build large supply chains, and tracks and manages socio-economic impacts.

“This long-term agreement solidifies our effort in diversifying our customer base and bringing economic benefits to the Windsor region,” said Rob Micoli, Director of Business Development at Technicut Tool. “This agreement could not have been achieved without the dedication and skill of our employees along with the opportunity and company matching capabilities of OMX.”

“OMX exists to facilitate new business and help buyers, sellers, and the Canadian economy,” said Jon Elkin, Vice President of Client Services at OMX. “Technicut Tool is a prime example of Canada’s manufacturing prowess and we are extremely pleased to have played a role in this major procurement.”

Technicut Tool will be fulfilling the long-term agreement in their state-of-the-art, 44,000 sq. ft. facility located in the industrial heart of Windsor, Ontario and just five minutes from North America’s busiest border crossing.

“Our shared goal of helping our customers succeed in their markets was a key factor in the realization of this major milestone for Technicut Tool,” said Mr. Micoli.

About Technicut Tool

Founded in 1993, Technicut Tool has become an industry leader in the field of precision component machining, fabrication, and assembly, operating primarily in the oil and gas, aerospace, and defense industries across North America. As a full-service precision machining facility, we specialize in sophistication, offering unparalleled comprehensive service in manufacturing, and process engineering. For further information, please visit:


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