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By Hayley Clift | September 19, 2018


Viasat is one of the world's largest satellite manufacturers and a multi-billion dollar global communications company. As an end-to-end provider of integrated capabilities, Viasat is uniquely positioned to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with secure, interoperable communications across any mission, platform or network.

Viasat understands that to offer these services, it requires the participation of critical Canadian partners and suppliers.

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for sellers, canada, opportunities, marine

By Hayley Clift | September 5, 2018


If you're a Canadian company, supplier, or manufacturer that works in steel, furniture, insulation, and/or interior and flooring - ALMACO wants to hear from you! These exclusive RFIs are expiring soon.

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for sellers, feature article, marine

By Hayley Clift | September 4, 2018


Last week, OMX Hayley visited the headquarters and shipyards of one of the world's largest shipbuilders - and returned with exclusive opportunities! Read on to discover how you can join a major marine supply chain.

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for buyers, for sellers, canada, aerospace

By Hayley Clift | July 5, 2018


Canadian aerospace is a $25 billion a year industry, contributes almost 190,000 jobs, and is one of the biggest drivers of R&D and manufacturing.

How has the industry evolved in the last ten years? How is it going to change in the future? And how does this translate into business and procurement opportunities for you?

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Features, for buyers, for sellers, canada, defence

By Jon Elkin | June 13, 2018


The Value Proposition - one of the most important criteria that prime contractors, buyers, and sellers are judged against for federal procurement contracts - is changing. Here's what's new and how it could benefit your organization.

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