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OMX is the world's most powerful procurement database and platform. We connect buyers and sellers in global supply chains and ensure that you have access to the best and most relevant opportunities.

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By Godfrey Nthunzi | April 9, 2019


Oxfordshire, April 9th 2019 - Commerce Decisions and OMX, two leading procurement software solution providers, have entered into a partnership to offer advanced evaluation solutions and services. The two companies’ joint capability will integrate supplier discovery, evaluation planning and preparation, and bid analytics together with the delivery, tracking and reporting of social value.

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OMX, for buyers, for sellers, platform features

By Jon Elkin | January 8, 2019


Happy new year! We've improved some existing features and added some new enhancements to OMX to make it easier for you to find opportunities, connect to buyers and sellers, and win new business. Here's how the world's most powerful procurement platform is getting even better in 2019.

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Happy holidays!

By OMX | December 18, 2018



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OMX, platform features, supply chain

By Jon Elkin | November 22, 2018


We've enhanced the OMX platform to include custom fields, questions, and reporting - giving you maximum insight on every level of your supply chain. Reduce risk, improve costs, and generate the most accurate analytics - only with the world's most powerful procurement platform.

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OMX, canada, press release, manufacturing

By OMX | November 8, 2018


TORONTO, November 8, 2018 -  Technicut Tool, a portfolio company of White Wolf Capital LLC and a leading manufacturer of precision machined components, has just announced a long-term agreement with a major Canadian manufacturer. The deal is worth in excess of CA$9 million dollars over five years.

Procurement software company OMX was instrumental in introducing Technicut Tool to the private buyer. The OMX platform connects buyers and sellers in major industries, helps build large supply chains, and tracks and manages socio-economic impacts.

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