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OMX, platform features

By Jon Elkin | September 27, 2018


The OMX API is live! You can now connect your OMX account and the OMX database to your own internal systems. Find out how this can benefit your organization with the most accurate and live data and information.

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Everything happening in procurement for April 2018

By OMX | April 3, 2018


Here's our monthly update of everything that's happening in the world of procurement for the month of April - including a sneak peek at the new OMX blog, 70+ exclusive RFIs, and the latest programs from the government that may require ITBs.

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OMX launches international supply chain and local spend analysis for strategic sourcing

By OMX | June 8, 2017


Toronto, ON - Thursday, 8 June 2017 – Canadian technology business, OMX (Offset Market Exchange Inc.) is proud to announce the launch of its international supply chain management and local spend tracking software. The Canadian-based platform started out specializing in managing the complexities of requirements driven by the Canadian government for contractors to invest locally in defence. The company announces today that it has dramatically expanded to support international clients in their tracking, managing, and reporting on all local spend within an organization to drive social license and strategic sourcing.

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What's new at OMX

By Katherine Jacome | October 24, 2016


At OMX, we value our responsibility to keep on top of industry trends. Keeping this in mind, here's what's been happening lately at OMX.

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OMX, events

By Nicole Verkindt | October 20, 2016


Thank you to everyone that came out to listen to my speech, Innovation: More than just a Buzzword, at GOCA on Wednesday.

Due to the time constraints, I was unfortunately unable to respond to all of the questions submitted using the GOCA app. So here are my answers if I was unable to get to your question.

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