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Monthly procurement and business opportunities for July

By Godfrey Nthunzi | July 10, 2018


Every month, we round up the best procurement and business opportunities in defence, marine, aerospace, and other major supply chain sectors. Here's what's happening in Canada and around the world for the month of July.

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canada, opportunities, supply chain, manufacturing

By Godfrey Nthunzi | July 9, 2018


Buyers like Magellan, Taiga Motors, and more are using OMX to find Canadian manufacturers and metalworkers. You won't find these exclusive opportunities anywhere else!

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Features, for buyers, for sellers, canada, opportunities, space, aerospace

By Hayley Clift | May 16, 2018


The Canadian aerospace industry generates almost $30 billion for the GDP annually. Here's what you need to know about what's happened in Canadian aerospace in 2017 - and what new opportunities are coming for 2018.

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Everything happening in procurement for April 2018

By OMX | April 3, 2018


Here's our monthly update of everything that's happening in the world of procurement for the month of April - including a sneak peek at the new OMX blog, 70+ exclusive RFIs, and the latest programs from the government that may require ITBs.

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By Hayley Clift | April 3, 2018


OMX has partnered with the world's fourth largest shipbuilder to offer more than 70 exclusive requests for information (RFIs)!

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