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By Hayley Clift | September 19, 2018


Viasat is one of the world's largest satellite manufacturers and a multi-billion dollar global communications company. As an end-to-end provider of integrated capabilities, Viasat is uniquely positioned to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with secure, interoperable communications across any mission, platform or network.

Viasat understands that to offer these services, it requires the participation of critical Canadian partners and suppliers.

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By Hayley Clift | May 16, 2018


The Canadian aerospace industry generates almost $30 billion for the GDP annually. Here's what you need to know about what's happened in Canadian aerospace in 2017 - and what new opportunities are coming for 2018.

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Features, canada, united states, defence, space

By OMX | April 18, 2018


This week, the Aerospace Corporation’s Center for Space Policy and Strategy (CSPS) released their newest policy paper, "Alliance Rationales and Roadblocks: A U.S.-Canada Space Study."

Here's what you need to know about the strengths, weaknesses, and reasoning behind the U.S.-Canadian partnership in national security and space.

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