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By Hayley Clift | July 23, 2018


We've re-designed the OMX platform to be even more powerful and intuitive. Reserve your onboarding webinar and/or meeting spot now.

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Buyer-Supplier Portals in Extractives: Enhancing Local Procurement

By Jon Elkin | June 29, 2018


Whilst buyer-supplier portals have been around for decades, there is a current trend of stakeholders setting up new portals in around the extractive industries in particular. They are seen as key tools to drive local procurement and improve supplier competitiveness in the countries that host mining and oil and gas production. Some portals are extractives specific, but others are multi-sectoral where extractive industry companies are just a small proportion of many buyers. They provide a range of functions, from RFQs, to centralized supplier databases, as well as access to feedback and support.

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By Hayley Clift | April 3, 2018


OMX has partnered with the world's fourth largest shipbuilder to offer more than 70 exclusive requests for information (RFIs)!

Access the world's most powerful procurement network
and connect with Vard today


Want more information? Check out the blog post and webinar below or reach out directly to an account manager.

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ITBs explained: Investment Framework, R&D Dollars, Donors/Recipients

By Hayley Clift | March 15, 2018


Defence offsets exist around the world and vary from country to country. They are meant to bring and maintain industrial growth within a local economy through leveraging defence procurements. CFN Consultants and OMX give you a crash course in Canada's offset programs: IRBs and ITBs.

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Shipbuilding Technologies and Trends with Federal Fleet's VP of Engineering

By Hayley Clift | February 28, 2018


Alain Garceau, VP of Engineering at Federal Fleet, and OMX talk about shipbuilding technologies and trends - and what Federal Fleet has planned for the future.

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