Did you know that you could be eligible for innovation funding up to $200,000?

The Innovation for Defense Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program aims to tackle future defense and security challenges through innovators across the country. Canada's Department of National Defense (DND) is investing $1.6 billion over 20 years in this initiative.

Everyone is eligible to participate in IDEaS, including but not limited to: small and large companies, academia, non-for-profits, and individuals.

Interested? Attend our webinar hosted by Eric Fournier, Director General of S&T Strategic Decision Support and Lead for the IDEaS program at DND.

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Understanding and applying to
Canada's $1.6 billion IDEaS program

How you can win up to CA$200,000 in innovation contracts

Thursday, November 15 at 2 PM EST

  • Outlining DND and IDEaS's aims
  • Understanding the IDEaS submission and selections process
  • Introducing the current round of innovation challenges
  • Tips, tricks, and pitfalls for your IDEaS application
  • Followed by audience Q&A


Are you able to solve any of these challenges?

There are currently 9 categories that are being considered for proposals.

The deadline for this round of submissions is November 29.

  1. Detection of concealed explosives
  2. Respiratory protection for DND/CAF members with facial hair
  3. An integrated human resources data management solution
  4. Alternative recruitment models
  5. Verification of full motion video integrity
  6. Persistent maritime surface sensor system
  7. Understanding cyber intent
  8. Detecting and responding to hostile information activities
  9. Full spectrum communications in the Arctic

Applicants who best meet the requirements of the challenge and call for proposals will receive funding of up to $200,000 for a period of six months to refine their proposed solutions and present the department with a reasonable path towards full implementation of their idea. After six months of work, the proposals will be evaluated to determine if additional funding will be provided to bring their refined idea to reality.

All intellectual property (IP) rights that arise as a result of the IDEaS program will remain with the recipient.

You can apply to these opportunities at this link.

It is strongly recommended that you register for the webinar if you are interested in this or future IDEaS opportunities.