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By Hayley Clift | July 23, 2018

We've re-designed the OMX platform to be even more powerful and intuitive. Reserve your onboarding webinar and/or meeting spot now.

The world's most powerful
procurement platform just got even better

Join us and learn how to navigate the re-designed OMX marketplace and program management tools. Brush up on how OMX can help you find opportunities, connect to buyers and sellers, and build your supply chain.

The re-design is planned to go live at the beginning of August.




You have three options for training and onboarding with the new OMX design: 

  • Join the weekly webinar
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Contact us directly

Find out for yourself what makes OMX the #1 procurement network.


Join the weekly webinar

We will be hosting weekly Wednesday webinars at 2 - 3 PM EST on August 1, 8, and 15.

The webinar will give a broad overview of the re-designed OMX marketplace and program management tools.

Register for a webinar

To register for a webinar, click the button above and select the date you wish to attend:



You will receive reminder emails one day and one hour respectively before the webinar.


Schedule a meeting

Can't attend the weekly webinar? Or maybe you want some more personalized 1-on-1 training? You can schedule a meeting directly with one of our Account Managers. 


Schedule a meeting



Contact us directly

If you can't attend a webinar and there are no convenient meeting spots left, please contact me directly and I will make further arrangements.


Hayley Clift
Senior Account Executive
(416) 780-9544 Ext. 115



Hayley Clift

Hayley is a Senior Account Executive at OMX. She ensures that sellers and SMEs receive the right opportunities, connect with the right buyers, and win new business.

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